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We have been helping people since 2000 and are a local company.

GOOD CREDIT is essential for every day living and daily, thousands of people just like you apply for some type of loan. A car loan, a house loan, a credit card, insurance, a cell phone and many more ways.... any time you are asked to give your social security number, someone has the ability to check your credit.  And
DID YOU KNOW there are 3 credit reporting agencies that keep track of your current credit ...along with a history that can span all the way back to your very first loan.. plus every time you apply for credit,  whether you receive it or not,  they are listed in your inquiries. These bureaus compile all this information, give it a score based on how you use your credit, report this info upon the lenders request and the lenders check your credit worthiness and  how likely you are to repay a loan based on your credit report and score. 
If you are confused and overwhelmed by your credit, maybe you do not understand what your credit report says about you or if you are credit worth or not; my time is yours and you may be interested in my credit resource  company.  We help thousands of people who have checked their reports and found errors, erroneous information and incorrect listings. 

Williams Credit Resource, is offering information to consumers and clients  to help restore credit by correcting inaccurate, incomplete, and erroneous information with the credit bureaus.  We offer our complete credit assistance to help you restore your credit to a level needed to resume a normal life with freedom to buy and receive the loans needed for your home, car and credit purchases. Receive one on one customer service that is held in strict confidentiality for 1 year. Our service does not offer a guarantee as we are offering you our assistance  to dispute your credit, but we know for a fact that we have had several satisfied customers over the years.  If we did not do anything to help you out and nothing came off, then yes we would want you to let us know and we will discuss what needs to take place to make you satisfied.

To sign up:   1 year of service for $450.00  or 6 months of service for $250.00.

call today to see if we are offering any 2 for 1 specials or monthly deals!!

Do you know your rights!

We can help you clean up your credit…

Don't wait any longer, we are here to help you!

We Can Help Remove The Following:

Repossessions     Bankruptcy     Late Payments     Charge offs

Foreclosures     Credit Inquiries     Medical Bills     School Bills     Liens     Judgments     Collections

Negative items listed incorrectly
















    In todays world, credit is becoming increasingly more important than ever.  With lenders being more cautious than ever, you need an A+ credit score to get the best rates and deals.  That means that lenders judge your risk by the score they recieve from the credit bureaus more and more.

    The bureaus rate people from a very risky 300 to a pristine 850. And right now, we are in the middle of a credit score crunch and You need a 750 or better today to have the same treatment you got with a 700 two years ago.  Some home mortgage lenders will look starting around a 640 and will inquire as to why there have been credit issues in your past and if they can see that within the last 2 years you have consistantly paid on time.

    And just two years ago a 680 was enough to get a great car loan rate. Today it's often the minimum to qualify at all.

    Lenders are always making changes that could cause your score to slip from excellent to average, remember they make more when they can charge you higher rates!!

    So improve and protect your number with our help and these pointers.

    Learn Your Score. You have three FICO scores, based on your credit reports at the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. 

    You can get an estimate free at

    Scout for Mistakes. Your scores are only as good as the information they're based on.

    You can also get a credit report from  annualcreditreport.com (you're entitled to one free from each bureau every 12 months).

    Spot an error? Request a correction. Getting the error fixed could raise your score as much as 200 points.

    Never, Ever Be Late.  The biggest chunk of your credit score comes from your payment history. Just one late payment can shave 100 points off a 750-plus credit score.   Missed a payment? Get back on track within the next 30 days, and you should "get back the lion's share" of points lost. More than 90 days late? The damage can stick for years.

    Remember the Magic 20%. The second factor in your score is how much you owe vs. how much credit has been extended to you.

    Example: If you've charged $5,000 on cards and have $50,000 in credit, your rate is 10%. For the best score today, 10% is ideal, but you can probably creep up to 20% and keep a high rating.

    Keep Oldest Cards in Play.     Credit issuers these days are canceling cards that are not in use. Having an account closed can hurt you, especially if it's among your older ones.

    15% of your score rides on the length of your credit history.

    If you want to be among the best, start anew on the right track and focus on what you can.

    Our mission is to help you, our clients, customers and employees with the latest and greatest information available to restore your credit and to help you dispute items in your credit that are incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate and erroneous and  that are dragging your credit scores down. Can we make a difference, absolutely. For over 8 years and 100’s of clients, from small town business to nationally known credit restoration company, our service is #1 and our loyalty to you is 100%.

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